Who is Boogie Shoes?

Boogie Shoes is a two pound Chihuahua with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neruological condition that challenges his motor skills and gives him his "boogie".  Despite his disability, he is thriving and living his best life. Boogie Shoes is a pet adoption ambassador, and on a mission to prove that shelter pets make the best pets! #AdoptDontShop

Boogie's Boutique

Put a little "Boogie" in your life! Treat yourself or someone else to a little "boogie" from our shop. We donate a percentage of all sales to animal welfare organizations. Check back often for new items!


Boogie Shoes calendar & bobble heads! 

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In The Media

Boogie's story was first featured on the Dodo, and continues to inspire people around the world. Check out the In The Media page for more features, and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more features, event appearances and meet & greets!