April Showers

This month we humans took it easy on our adventures and focused on spending time together. With four dogs in our family, it's easy to assume that everyone is getting the same amount of attention and quality time, but honestly, it's a little uneven sometimes. Especially since Boogie requires the most hands on care, and goes out and about with us the most. We take all four out with us when we can, but as Bruno and Pina get older "going out"  is becoming more stressful than fun for them. 

So this month we did things a little differently to try and meet everyone where they are. Instead of everyone going outside together every time we took them on solo walks, gave them extra time to tinker around in the yard (they don't play outside unattended), and played fetch with Sesame about a million times! We also made sure to get in some extra snuggle time, sniff their fur, squeeze their paws and ears, give them treats just for being themselves and, this is a big one ... PUT DOWN OUR PHONES when the day was done so having a toasty chihuahua in our laps or next to us on the couch was fully appreciated.

We're not sure if they noticed our efforts, but it did remind us humans to stop and smell the flowers.

How do you spend quality time with your pets? Tell us in the comment section below.


  • Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful life your kids have. Putting down the phone is a big deal. Enjoying the little things in life is wonderful and makes it more real. Do you have any plans to visit Reno? Vegas is crazy to drive in!
    I have two Chi’s and one is a rescue. He’s been in my little family for a year now. I get to take both my little guys to work with me everyday. I train horses for a living and they do quite well around the horses, they know what is safe and not. My little guy Chuy is a toy boy, loves to play fetch. I sit on the floor with him most nights and play for an hour or so. Harley, is older and likes to sit in my lap. Both my boys go with me every where I go. Staying at home is only for their safety, like if its too hot in the truck for errands.

    Kathy Chambless
  • Jill, this warms my heart, thank you for sharing. <3

  • We also have more then 1 dog and my smallest chihuahua goes out with me quite bit. So I’ve started taking them out for their walks individually instead of all of them at once. We have a very elderly Great Dane who is 12 so his walks are short, he would love to keep going but his legs just can’t do it, so I’ve been trying to go more than once a day with him. I too hope they see the difference and enjoy their special time. All of them really love to be outside and soak up the sun, so we are also trying to spend some more time lounging in the sun, now that it is finally showing it’s face.

  • Lisa, paws crossed we make it to the big city soon!!

    Alicia & Boogie
  • Kit, it sounds like you guys have a great life together! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Alicia & Boogie

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