Boogie & the Gang's Birthday Party!

This year our Mama surprised us with a big party to celebrate our Adoption Days. Since we are all rescue pups it's hard to know what our real birthdays are, but around here, adoption days are the more important because they are stand for life saving and that's what we're all about!

She invited our friends to come play with us at Venus De Fido where the hoomans had wine and high-tea inspired vegan snacks, and us puppers had pup-cakes and other treaties. I had a special area all to myself so I could receive visitors and wouldn't slip and fall, and we had a photo booth so the Mamas could take pictures. 

Spoiled Dog Designs made us the most adorable birthday outfits, and two of our favorite brands gifted our guests with party swag. Thank you Spina Organics & Solid Gold Pet. We had so much fun that we pretty much slept the rest of the weekend!

There were a lot of photos and video from our party, so we put together a little movie so you could see all the festivities. Be sure to watch until the very end!

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  • What a Beautiful Party!
    Everyone looked so cute and the decorations and cupcakes were awesome!
    Great job Alecia! You are such an amazing Momma!
    Love and Hugs to all of you.

    Susan Miller
  • I luv the Boggie Shoes and gang
    Party they all looked so cute and adorable especially the famous Boggie Shoes ❤️🤗😱🐶🎂

    Michelle Veen

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