Boogie's First Day

Boogie Shoes is a two pound Chihuahua with cerebellar hypoplasia. He was found in a Wal-Mart park lot on a scorching, 102 degree day in Palm Springs, CA. Luckily, a concerned citizen found him and brought him to the shelter. When he arrived at the shelter, he weighed just 12 ounces, was dehydrated, dirty and had obvious neurological issues. It was hard to imagine him on his own in any capacity much less alone in a parking lot on such a brutally hot. day.

I happened to be working at the shelter that day, volunteered to foster him and took this video for the shelter's Facebook page. I didn't post the video right away because we weren't sure if he was going to make it. But by the time he was in the clear, and proved that he was going to thrive, we had already decided to adopt him. My husband and I named him Boogie Shoes because he was always wobbling, and it looked like he was dancing. 

Sharing Boogie's story and daily adventures gives us chance to advocate on behalf of shelter animals, promote adoption, and spotlight special needs pets with all types of disabilities. He brings a smile to our face and warms our heart each day, and we hope he can bring the same joy to you. And, perhaps, inspire you to adopt or foster an animal in need! 

Click here to see a short video of Boogie after intake, with animal care specialist and animal rockstar Stephanie.


(this post was originally published 8/15)


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  • I’ve been following baby shoes since I first saw him on the dodo I knew he was a special looking dog but when I found out he was found in a parking lot I just blows me away Bless the people that take care of him

  • Could I have your mailing address so I can send Boogie Shoes and family a card?

    Darnell Davis

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