Boogie's New Book!

Friends, we are on a new adventure!

Boogie Shoes has inspired me to create a young reader series based on his wonderful wobbliness! The first book is called Little Boogie Shoes the Wobbly Puppy Who Needed A Home and it is based on his true adoption story. 

As many of you know Boogie is attending Critter Camp again this year, where we tell his adoption story and talk about his disability and why it is important to be kind to animals. The camp hosted by Animal Samaritans, has such a big impact on the kids who participate. This year we wanted to give them something to take home that was a little more meaningful than stickers and continued to promote Boogie's message long after the summer is over. So, I wrote short chapter book just for them and self published it so we could have it in time for camp.

Our story is written for young readers aged 7-11 and explores topics such as pet adoption, compassions towards animals and treating people who are different than you with love and kindness.  

I do have a small batch available for sale in our shop, for those of you who have a young reader at home or just want to have one for your Boogie Shoes collection. The book is also available on Kindle. 

Click here to buy Boogie's book from our shop. $6.99 + use code FREE SHIPPING through July 7, 2019.

Click here to buy Boogie's book (e-version) from Kindle. $3.99

Paws crossed the campers enjoy Boogie's first adventure! 


  • I cannot wait to read about one off my favorite dog Boogie Shoes l do have an recused Chi his name is Iggy who is my heart beat❤️

    Marilyn Boodoo

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