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Boogie’s stature and disability require us to carry him a lot so we’re pretty expert level at dog carriers. We have a total of FIVE dog carriers in our dog closet, and often get inquiries from our online friends on how to get their paws on them. Boogie uses them all, and I've been really impressed with quality of all five. Two of our bags I purchased back in 2011-12 (ish) for Bruno, and both are still in excellent condition. Okay, here we go! 

Pet Gear Tote Bag

The one I have been using a lot these days is the Pet Gear Tote Bag Carrier and was only $28.99!!! This bag is casual and can be cleaned easily. The mesh design on one end of the bag gives Boogie plenty of breathing room, has room for a blanket and because the mesh is only on one end, I’m able to “flip” the bag around when I need to NOT bring attention to the fact that I have a dog in my purse. :) As far as storage space for your personal belongings, there is a one velcro closure pocket on the top I carry cards and cash in, but it doesn’t hold my cell. Since Boogie is so little, I am able to stash my entire entire wallet and cell phone under his blanket. The bag has a fleece lined bottom and is easy to clean. This is the kind of bag that is perfect for every day, and can survive getting a bit dirty. Click here for to purchase from Amazon: Pet Gear Tote Bag Carrier for Cats/Dogs, Storage Pocket, Removable Washable Liner, Zippered Top and Mesh Windows

The Smuggler by JCLA  

The Smuggler was the very first dog carrier I purchased and I purchased it for Bruno in 2011(?) and it is still in perfect shape. It is the ultimate classic piece that never goes out of style. The bag was created to specifically “hide” your pup when you are out and about. It is made of vegan leather, has a faux fur padded liner inside that can be easily removed and washed. The entire top opens but also gives you the option to open one end or the other. Each end has a pillow flap for resting which is so cute. And, all the design elements are classic but edgy, down to the little paws that are on the bottom of the bag. This bag is also great because it has a harness clip. The price tag is pretty hefty, but it is worth the splurge! To view this item on Amazon click here: JCLA BGS-B Bond Girl Smuggler Purse 

 DOGO Cross Body Bag

We use this carrier at events and other situations where we need both hands. I can’t say enough about this carrier. We purchased it in 2013, it’s been through the wash many times and is still hanging in there. It is well made, has riveted openings on one side, a roomy pocket on the other, and is open at the top. The strap is adjustable, so you can wear it as cross body or around your neck. This bag also has a harness clip to keep wandering pups in place. And, it's not frilly, so great for dog dads! Click here to purchase this bag on Amazon: Messenger Bag-Style Carrier for Small Dogs & Pets (Black)

 Sherpa DELTA Airline Approved Carrier 

It's no surprise I only have a close up of Boogie in this carrier. The reason is because it has become our Go-To-The-Vet-Emergency-Animal-Hospital-Road-Trip carrier! We tend to reach for this when we need to go somewhere that requires us to bring our comfy blankies, toys and extra supplies. We didn't plan it that way, I think it's just because it's so versatile for so many situations.

We purchased this carrier for Bruno’s first plane trip several years ago, and chose the Sherpa brand because they are an officially approved brand with most airlines. Over the years, it has proved to be safe and comforting space for Bruno to travel in when we go anywhere via car or plane, and if you follow us on social media, you know Boogies uses this when there is an emergency or a vet visit. This crate is well made, lightweight, and has a detachable strap that allows multiple lengths and a hand frees option. To get a better 360 view of this bag, check out the Amazon link: Sherpa Delta Airlines Deluxe Pet Dog Cat Carrier Airline Approved Medium Black to 16lbs. BONUS Sherpa Mini Baby Dragon Toy

The Tiny Back Pack!

How do you take a two pound dog who can't walk on his own up a big rocky hiking trail? In a tiny backpack, of course!! We wanted to take Boogie hiking with us, and realized he couldn't pop his head out of the top of some other ones we'd seen, so when I found this one - with lots of mesh 3/4 of the way around, I went for it. This backpack is lightweight, has sturdy mesh ¾ of the way around, has a zippered lid and can be worn on the front or the back. This bag has worked very well for both Boogie who weighs 2.2 pounds and Bruno who weighs five pounds. Check out the link for a 360 view and sizes offered:  ECBUY Soft-sided Dog Cat Pet Carrier Mesh Pup Pack Travel Backpack Padded Adjustable Shoulder Strap with Built-in Collar Buckle Removable Fleece Bed Sided Pocket (L)

I'd love to hear about your favorite dog carriers, feel free to share in the comments!


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  • I love how u share with us about boogy and sesame an others I also look forward to updates on them babies I rescued one about 5 years ago and he instantly stole my heart this really helps with what to get him I have a crossbody but need the second one u shared Bud only weights 4.8 lbs. so thanks for sharing and taking the best care of ur babies!!

  • Boogie shoes I didn’t know you were such a fashionable guy I love all your carry bags you’re a man about town God bless you may you live long and prosper

    Daniel Frandon

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