Change a Pet's Life Day: Meet Gigi

Today is Change a Pet's Life Day, a day created to bring awareness to the fact that so many homeless pets need homes. Today is a great to talk about the importance of pet adoption, because adopting a pet truly changes homeless pet's lives forever.  But, it's also important to remember that for many pets, finding that forever home takes a lot of little miracles and some very special people along the way.

One of our social media friends + Chihuahua mama extraordinaire, Diana M. is an example of how one small act of compassion can lead to a lifetime of love.  Diana's pack includes an all star squad that is both salty and sweet, and can be followed on the daily at FB: SkippytheTripawd and IG: the_wax_therapist. Despite a full house and running her own business, she also rescues dogs.

Meet Gigi her most recent rescue:

A few days before Christmas, Diana posted this picture on her social of a dog named "ChiChi" who had been re-homed several times at no fault of her own, and had found herself in this situation AGAIN! Lucky for ChiChi she got scooped up by the right person, got a fancy new name and spent the holiday getting loved on and spoiled.

Gigi had not been well taken of by her previous "owners", and on her first to Diana's vet, mammory tumors were discovered. Gigi was scheduled for surgery to have the tumors removed. This brave girl made it through surgery, and even braver, through a few rough nights of recovery. 

The tumors were tested for cancer, and came back positive. The good news is, they weren't in her blood vessels and since she had her tumors removed, she is all clear for now. Diana and Gigi's future forever family will have to keep an eye on her, and if anything out of the ordinary shows up she will need to see the doctor right a way.

As you can imagine, Gigi's medical costs were pretty hefty, so a Go Fund Me page was created to help cover her expenses. We made a small donation and hope that Gigi's page reaches it's goal, because we know Diana will save another little one when the time comes. Gigi is still recovering from her surgery, but is getting stronger and happier each day. 

Gigi's story was possible because of Diana's compassion. Being there for Gigi at the right time was a little miracle that began her life saving journey. If no one was there for Gigi during this time of need, what would have happened to her? Most likely, dangerously dumped somewhere to fend for herself, or in a shelter where she could have been euthanized because of so many factors...none of which she had any control over. Once Gigi is ready, she will be up for adoption, so be sure to follow Diana on Facebook and Instagram for updates. You can also stay in the loop through her Go Fund Me Page. 

Thank you Diana, and all the compassionate people out there who are not attached to the funding of a non-profit, but do what ever is necessary to save the lives of those who need it.

And now, drumroll the Diana's pack: Bruno, the #SideEyeKing, Alani, Skippy (R.I.P.), Taco and ... Bambi, who is literally her own universe! 

Click here to visit Gigi's Go Fund Me Page!

Photos ©Diana Manzano @the_wax_therapist + @SkippyTheTripawd. 
Used with permission for this post.

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