Critter Camp with Animal Samaritans

This summer Boogie was a guest critter at Animal Samaritans' Critter Camp, and I went along to do the talking. Critter Camp is a day camp held during the summer and winter school breaks, and is part of Animal Samaritans Humane Education Program. The kids do animal related projects, get hands on experience with animals and focuses on being kind to animals.

This was Boogie's first time participating in a program like this and he handled it like a pro. While I talked about his adoption story, cerebellar hypoplasia, and why pet adoption is so important, Boogie wobbled around and got pets and treats from the campers. It was pretty cute! 

Thank you Animal Samaritans for providing this program, and many thanks to Diana Martinez for inviting us to participate this year. If you would like more information on the work Animal Samaritans is doing, including pets available for adoption, please visit their website at




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