Dog Party at Venus de Fido

Last Saturday we attended the Cinco de Mayo (Chihuahua-palooza) party at Venus De Fido, it was the first dog party we'd been to in a long time and it was SO FUN! I wish I had been able to get more photo and video of the venue and other dogs, but I was a little busy keeping tabs on all four of our doggies!  

This was the most crowded event Boogie's been too where he was able to mix and mingle, and he did great. All the dogs at the event were well behaved, their humans were super, and the floor at Venus wasn't slippery tile so the Boogs was able to actually walk around. Plus, we met one of our Facebook fans live and in person! Oh, and there was quiz about Chihuahuas and I totally failed. (Test your skills below, after the video). ::)


The quiz Mama failed:


10 Feisty Trivia Facts About Chihuahuas

1. They hail from __________.

2. _____________ might have brought them to Europe.

3. The earlier version of the Chihuahua was probably much larger than the ones we see today. After being crossed with the  _________________ they were brought to the Alaska across the bering Strait.

4. They are all born with this and some always have it __________________.

5 & 6.. Besides long hair and short hair there are two types of Chihuahuas the ___________ with a narrow head and the ______________ with a bulbous dome.

7. The smaller dog in the world is a Chihuahua and she is just _______ inches from her nose to the tip of her tail.

8. Realtive to their bodies, Chihuahuas have the biggest ________________ in the dog world.

9. Who was the Taco Bell dog in the late 90s? ___________________.

10. What is the most popular Chihuahua name? _______________.


Mama's actual quiz. Boo.

Mama's actual quiz. Boo.

 Quiz Answers: 1. Mexico 2.Columbus 3.Chinese Crested 4.Soft Spot 5.Deerhead 6.Applehead 7.Six inches 8.Brain 9.Gidget 10.Chico

If you live in or visit the Coachella Valley, we highly recommend a visit to Venus de Fido. I know we're ready to go back! Learn more about Venus de Fido here:


  • I have been missing you – sweetest boy ever. SO GLAD TO SEE YOU TODAY.

    Gloria Yerger
  • Boogie – you did great. When the party was over – I think you were ready. You did look a bit tired and to me scared. Now how in the world did you not win the smallest dog contest. I am so lucky that your mom shares you with us. I was bragging about you the other day. It was a good thing Boogie.. Love You Boogie and Alicia – thank you.

    Susan K Smith
  • You did a great job Boogie👍

    Cyndi Lauriano
  • Love you shoes you’re always cute and whatever you do

    Diana Dusette
  • Enjoyed the video with Boogie and all his pals. Love to see more.

    Lola wilson

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