Friday Friends! Meet Gulliver & Sadie Mae

Hello friends and happy Friday! It's a been a few weeks since I posted on behalf of a dog who needs a home, so this week I bring you TWO cutie patooties! Be sure to check out their rescue's Facebook and Instagram pages so you can stay up to date on their progress, apply to foster or adopt, and check out the other animals in their care. 

Meet Gulliver! (located in Michigan)

This guy is quite the hunk! We learned about him through a Facebook message from his rescue who found us thanks to YOU our Facebook friends. :)

Gulliver was found as a stray, brought to the shelter and scooped up by Chihuahua Rescue & Transport.  He's got some similar symptoms to me, he's wobbly when he walks, he loves being carried around by his foster mom, and he's got some tremors going on. It looks like he may have Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but his rescue will not know for sure until they see the neurologist on March 9th. 

Until his appointment with the neurologist, some other things are on hold including his neuter and a much needed dental. Gulliver is also missing a lot of hair on his tushie! He may have alopecia, but whether or not it grows back is not a big deal, cuz a naked chi-chi tushie is just as adorable as a furry one!Gulliver is approximately 6 or 7 years old, weighs 7 pounds and is located in Michigan. We're rooting for you little man!  Follow his rescue on Facebook here. 

Meet Sadie Mae (located in Washington)

How cute is this little lady romping in the snow? Sadie is a 10 year old Chihuahua mix who is the care of Rescued Hearts Northwest. Sadie did not have the best start in life, spending most of her life in a crate which resulted in some spinal issues. But, thanks to her rescue, she got the treatments she needed to help her get better and well, look at her now!

Sadie also takes thyroid medicine every day, but that's no big deal, and easy to do. Her foster family says she is potty trained, crate trained, enjoys riding in the car and she is learning how to play with toys! Aw, we're so happy sweet Sadie Mae is living her best life now.  All she needs now is a forever family, is that you? Follow her rescue on Facebook! 

Seriously, how cute are these two!!!! 



  • My little went to heaven 7 months ago and still miss her. I live in New Jersey. Can you tell me who I can contact to adopt a little female?

  • Greetings. My husband and I have purchased a home in Michigan (still have a home in Maryland) and are interested in expanding our Chihuahua family. We have two, four legged little girls who would love a sister or brother.
    Our human children are grown with the youngest finishing his PhD, so we are enduring Empty Nest…lol
    Please email with any information on the process or availability.
    We do have pediatricians (vets) in both states.
    Thank you in advance.

    Carrie Miller
  • Thanks, BooShoe! I am considering adopting Gulliver, mostly because I have followed you for quite a while, and was interested in your CH. I did some research on my own, and learned a lot. Thank you for getting these two out there!


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