Giving Back 2017: HeARTs Speak

We try to say thank you a lot, but it never seems like enough, so here's one for the new year: THANK YOU! Thank you for tuning in to Boogie every day on social media, sharing your stories and photos with our followers, and for supporting our tiny but mighty fundraising effort through our calendar sale. This year we donated a portion of calendar proceeds to an amazing organization called HeARTs Speak.

HeARTs Speak is a non-profit organization of artists helping animals. Artists worldwide belong to this organization and give back by offering their creative services to animal shelters for FREE. Their donations of time and creative service insures that shelter animals have great quality images and videos for their shelter or rescue to share on their websites, social media and other materials needed to get furry faces in front of adopters. HeARTs Speak also empowers shelter staff and volunteers to effectively promote the animals in their care through the Perfect Exposure Program (PEP), and offers a plethora of free digital resources to the community.

You've probably seen HeARTs Speak member images in your social media feed, and you didn't even know it! Take some time to visit them on social media, read their website, and be sure to scroll through the artist directory if you are looking for some creative assistance at your shelter or rescue. 

Thank you for being here!


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