Logan: The Puppy with a Broken Heart

If you haven't heard the story of Logan, the adorable puppy with a broken heart, you may want to grab a few tissues. Logan's story is a testament to those who work tirelessly in animal rescue and proof of how one "like" or "share" can literally mean the difference between life or death.

Logan was brought to Rescued Hearts Northwest, a foster based animal rescue located in Washington state.  He was diagnosed with Pulmonic Valve Dysplasia, a heart condition where the main heart valve doesn't close properly and prevents the oxygenation of his blood. With Logan's diagnosis also came the grim reality that he would not be on this earth for very long. Learning this, his loving foster family committed to being his final home and promised to fill his final days with love, comfort and all things "dog".

Rescued Hearts Northwest shared Logan's story on their Facebook page and asked their followers to help create a Bucket List for Logan and it got pretty long pretty fast and included: g
etting 100 hugs (he got way more), picking out his own toy at the pet store, eat an ice cream, go to the beach, land on a Jones Soda bottle, and much more. 

Logan's Bucket List and story gained a lot of attention, went viral, made national headlines, and got the attention of Dr. Scansen at Colorado State University.  Dr. Scansen told the rescue there was a chance to fix Logan's heart.

A Go Fund Me page was set up to cover the surgery cost, transportation costs, medical care for the interim and expected post op needs. In January, Logan headed to Colorado to meet the doctor and get the surgery. Adding to his bucket list, flying in a private airplane!

Thursday was surgery day for Logan and during the procedure, the doctor discovered an abnormality. Logan is missing one of the major veins that goes back to his heart, which prevented the doctor from taking the usual path to complete the surgery.  However, Dr. Scansen shared that there is still hope, and that the team has a plan: 

"The plan for Logan was and, now even more so, remains open heart surgery. He has two valves that are abnormal, the pulmonary valve, which we were hoping to dilate today, and the tricuspid valve, which always would have required open heart surgery.

Now we are going to have to address both valves by open heart surgery, with the plan to come back when he's closer to six to eight months of age.

It's cases like Logan that really emphasize why I do this job. Logan will be back and I remain hopeful that we will give him a fix that provides a good and full life.

It's heartbreaking not to be successful today. But when we see the outpouring of care and concern in Washington state, Colorado and, truly, across the country, that has been expressed for Logan, it tells us how important the human-animal bond is, as well as how much these animals mean to the family, to those who care for them, and even to those they have never met.  And it's why I come to work every day."

On Friday, Logan headed back to Washington to return to the care of his foster family. The goal is to keep Logan healthy, happy and GROWING until he gets to the 6 month mark. The cost of Logan's journey is expensive, and the extraordinary costs are outlined on his Go Fund Me Page.  If you are able to contribute, wonderful. If not, please be sure to follow Logan's journey on the Rescued Hearts Northwest Facebook page, like and share his story and keep him in your prayers. 

Thank you Rescued Hearts Northwest for saving this this little man, and doing everything in your power to help him. We are rooting for you Logan!!! 

All photos included in this post are ©Rescued Hearts Northwest and are used with permission for purposes of this post. 


  • Ever since we had to put down our 15 year old GSD/Malamute mix dog a few years ago, I have been a sucker for dogs and their causes. It really broke my heart to put down our beloved family member, but his dementia and hips were getting so bad, I just couldnt bear to watch him suffer. GOD gave us dogs for a reason and I love my two (adopted a 2 year old GSD purebred and 15 year old Chihuahua). I hope little Logan gets his surgery and becomes a happy, healthy dog….

    Mark Hooton
  • Praying for you Logan you gorgeous little boy, be strong and fight the fight! 💗💞

    Pat Wellington
  • Logan my thoughts and prayers are with you and your forever family. My heart breaks when I hear these things and I hope someday to meet you. I live in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I have 2 Chihuahuas one of which has some sort of mental disability that has not yet been diagnosed we just can’t seem to figure out why 3 years ago she just suddenly turned mean. You see she was my depression and anxiety dog and now she is just my beloved four legged baby who means the world to me. I follow boogie shoes because he melts my soul and now I am following you Logan because you made and the doctors have inspired me to be an advocate for the well being and care of animals. You Logan will servive this and you will be an inspiration to all as many others have. You dear Logan and the doctors and your forever family are puppy hero’s. God bless your beautiful soul all of you. Especially the rescuers who saved you. In Gods speed and by God’s grace you are healed dear Logan.

    Dana Rawlings
  • Pray for you logan hope to watch you live a long and happy life so glad to she amazing people help this sweet baby. Makes you see hope in people. Pray everything works out.

    Nancy Griffey
  • Logan, praying to St. Francis of Assisi, paytron saint of animals!
    Wishing the best for you, sweet

    Rose adam

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