Lucky the Tiny Polar Bear

Our friend Lucky passed away Friday night, his heart gave out. For those of you follow us regularly you know we were dog-sitting him over the last month while his mom was away for work. Lucky's mom is Dr. Shayda who has treated Boogie from day one. 

When Lucky arrived at the animal shelter he had a broken jaw, enlarged heart, rotted teeth and severe arthritis. Many of the staff and volunteers at the time actually supported euthanizing little Lucky, but Dr. Shayda fought for him and gave him a chance. Lucky got surgery to correct his jaw, his rotted teeth were removed and he was put on medication to support his heart and ease his arthritis pain. Even better, he went home with Dr. Shayda and became part of her family where his true spirit bursted through. Lucky had a silly personality, loved "jogging" around and rolling in the grass and could totally melt you with his little head tilt. Because of Dr. Shayda, little Lucky got to experience the life he deserved, enjoying lots of love and California sunshine, belly rubs, adventures and snuggles under the covers. 

Our family fell head over heels in love with Lucky, we called him the tiny polar bear and felt like we had a little rock star staying with us. He made us giggle every day with his crooked smile, showed us the importance of slowing down, and did what senior dogs do best, reminded us to cherish every moment. Run free Lucky man, we love you! 

Please consider fostering, adopting or supporting a senior dog in some way. Seniors fall in that "special needs" category because there are so many unknown factors, but that doesn't mean they deserve any less. If you would like to make a donation on behalf of Lucky, please donate to your local shelter or rescue group. If you need a suggestion, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco is a wonderful place to support. You can also leave condolences for Lucky's family in the comments section. Here are a few of our favorite photos of Lucky when he was with us, but our favorite image of all is the last one of Lucky with his forever family.

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