PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend

Valentine's Day may be over, but the love train is traveling full speed ahead. This weekend, Feb. 16-18, is the first PetSmart National Adoption Weekend of 2018!  What does this mean? Adoptable pets will be strutting their stuff at a PetSmart store near you (crowd goes wild)!

PetSmart Charities host this event four times a year and showcase adoptable pets in each store and on average, see  more than 15,000 pets find homes nationwide every time they host one. Wow, that is a lot of life saving! Partnerships like this are good for the animals in your community, here are three reasons mobile adoption events are important:

Four reasons mobile adoption events are important:

1} Adoptions! Adoption day is the BEST day for a homeless pet because that is the day they get a second chance and their new life full of love begins.

2) Can you say FIELD TRIP!!!!  Car rides, fresh air, nice humans giving pets, new sight and smells and oh my gosh, TREATS!  Animals need and deserve a break from the shelter environment, and mobile adoptions provide that for the pets attending.

3) It's free for partner organizations to participate and it's free advertising! A mobile adoption event is like a little pop up shop of happiness. There is nothing more eye catching than your organization's signage out front, friendly and inspired volunteers, and irresistible dogs and cats putting their best paw forward. Believe it or not, many people don't know where their local shelter or rescue is and mobile events remind everyone passing through that your organization is there.

4) Mobile events allow organizations to meet potential adopters that would not typically visit the shelter. Many people have misconceptions about going to the shelter, they think it's scary and sad so they refuse to go. Some people don't know where their local shelter is located, or are unable to make a visit during open hours. Mobile adoptions bridge that gap, and provide adopters with a another environment, one they may feel more comfortable in.

PetSmart Charities millions of dollars in grants each year, support spay and neuter and are an interval part to animal welfare organizations success. Since 1994, PetSmart Charities has helped 7,847,574 animals find forever homes though initiatives like this, and their generous grant support of animal welfare organizations. We hope you will adopt love this weekend and participate in the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend.

Find a PetSmart Store and adoptable pets near you!


P.S. Don't say you "can't go because you'll take them all home."  There are rational people on site professionally trained for this sort of thing, so you're not going to do something crazy like take home 15 dogs. :) Expect to fill out an adoption application, answer a few questions, and if you are adopting from a rescue, they may require a home check. #AdoptDontShop

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XO, Alicia & Boogie

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  • I’m in Bradenton Florida. Is there a Pet Smart near me who will be participating?

    Debra Holsten

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