PetSmart's Royal Adoption Weekend

Talk about the perfect time to adopt your Prince Charming! This weekend marks the second PetSmart National Adoption Weekend of 2018 and with the #RoyalWedding in full force, there's no better time to dust off your crown and adopt an heir to your throne than now. You could also play it casual and just wear shorts and a t-shirt ... probably better to snuggle in anyway.

If  you do adopt this weekend, don't forget to give your new pet a royally inspired name or nickname like:

  • Princess Sparkle Barkle
  • Prince Hairy (perfect name for a Xolo!)
  • King of Corgibutt Court
  • The Duchess of Muchness
  • Lord or Lady of Loungeabouttown 

Just to name a few! Can you think of any royal nicknames? 

Adoption is the best option if you are looking to add a pet to your family, and community adoption events like this make it easy, fun, and inspiring to save a life. I know we couldn't image our lives without the unconditional love of Bruno, Pina, Sesame and Boogie Shoes. And we are honored to give them the "royal treatment" every day. #AdoptDontShop #AdoptLove

Find your local PetSmart store here.

And remember, if you plan to adopt this weekend expect to fill out an adoption application, answer a few questions, and if you are adopting from a rescue, they may require a home check. 

PetSmart Charities is pretty awesome, here are just a few stats. Be sure to click the image to learn more about their lifesaving impact and how you can  get involved.

Last but certainly not least, nearly every PetSmart store features a Cat Adoption Center where kittens and cats can be adopted during store hours. More than a dozen locations now feature an Everyday Dog and Cat Adoption Center where you can adopt a pet. These centers clear up space in shelters and contribute to saving saving millions lives. (

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