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Today is Remember Me Thursday, a day to shed light on orphaned pets. Created by Helen Woodward Animal Center, this day of awareness has some serious celebrity paw power behind it - including super duper Chihauhua mama, Pauley Perrette! One thing this campaign is asking everyone to do is share their rescued pet and use the hashtag #RememberTheRescue to inspire someone you know to adopt. So, I thought it would be fun to tell you how each of us wiggled our way into Mama’s heart!

Bruno: Adoped from: APE Action  | Age adopted: Somewhere between 4-8 years old. | Age now: Somewhere around 12 years old. Nicknames: Mr. Grumpy Pants, The OG, Bruni-tunes.  


Mama and Dad went to an adoption event one weekend and mentioned that we were looking to adopt a Chihuahua, and a nice lady told them about a dog who was available but not at the event because he was a biter-growler-food aggressive-cat hating kind of guy.  The rescue also said they rescued him after he darted across a busy street, and that he was recently adopted but returned because of his un-gentlemanly antics. Mama said that made her sad and she knew he just needed a home and family who understood him.  When they met, Mama knew he found his family.

Pina: Adopted from Lovebugs Rescue | Age adopted: 2 years old | Age now: 8 years old | Nicknames: Peapod, Peepa, Peeps, Little Lady, Little Mama


Mama saw Pina on Facebook and reached out about fostering to adopt her because she wasn’t sure if Bruno was ready for a live in friend. Pina settled right in and even got Bruno to play! Pina became my dad’s favorite and he spoils her more than the rest of us because she’s the only girl. Pina has special needs of her own, she has a low grade heart murmur and has issues with her back every once in a while. I really want to be best friends with Pina, but she doesn’t like nonsense and I am pure nonsense because I always want to play.

Sesame: Adopted from Palm Springs Animal Shelter | Age adopted: 10months | Age now: 2 years old | Nicknames: Toasty Marshmallow, Sesame Seed, Sessy, Pencil, White Dog


Mama was volunteering at the shelter one day and saw Sesame in a room full of puppies, he was the biggest one in there and she said he wouldn’t stop staring at her. She told my dad she was bringing him home for “a few nights to give him a break from the shelter,” but that was just a way to give Sesame a chance to win over my dad with his cuteness. It worked, and they adopted him a few weeks later. Sesame is my best friend but he is also Pina’s best friend so he's pretty busy. 

ME!: Adopted from Palm Springs Animal Shelter | Age Adopted: 7 weeks | Age now: 1 year 2 months | Nicknames: BooShoo, BooBoo, Edward J. BooBiSon, Tinkerbutt, Tinklepants


I think you know my story by now, but if you don't click here to find out!  And be sure to check out my other blog posts!

My #BooShoo Tip for RememberMeThursday: Adopt don't shop!

And if you can't adopt, foster or find another way to volunteer with your local shelter or rescue group!

Until next time, Boogie Shoes

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