Spay & Neuter Awareness Month

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, a national month long campaign to encourage people to have their pets sterilized. Why February? Because the spring and summer months are the time when there is a rampant overproduction of puppies and kittens, leaving animal shelters with an unmanageable increase in intake, according to the HSUS.

Dr. Shayda with Boogie after his neuter.

For the record, the only balls in our house are the kind you throw. At Boogie HQ, we support spay and neuter because it is a crucial tool to stopping the flow of homeless animals into shelters.

When we started fostering Boogie, he only weighed 12 ounces. So, we had a little ways to go before he was eligible for his neuter surgery. When it was time for him to get neutered, I got a lot of questions. The top three were:

He's so small...can he even have surgery? Yes! We waited until he was the approved weight and made sure his health was in good standing before booking his surgery. 

Don't you want to leave behind a Boogie Legacy? Nope. No. Double nope. Boogie was dumped in a parking lot and his story isn't that unique. The reality is, millions of homeless and unwanted pets enter shelters each year and almost half of them will be euthanized. And besides, what exactly would Boogie’s “legacy” do… leave behind a lot of little Boogie’s to run the family business? I don’t think so.

Does he really need it if your other dogs are already fixed? Yes! Spaying/neutering has benefits beyond the obvious. It reduces the risk of cancers in both male and female dogs and helps in reducing mounting, howling and roaming behaviors. 

We have never regretted our decision to spay and neuter our pets, and hope that this month encourages you to research spay and neuter if you aren’t familiar with it, finally make that appointment to have your pet(s) spayed/neutered, seek out a spay/neuter program to volunteer for or donate to, or just pass the info along by sharing on social media.

Here are two resources we like to share when people ask us about spaying and neutering:

Find a Spay/Neuter Clinic in your area - Often times, lack of affordable vet services are the main reason why people do not spay/neuter or seek other medical care for their pets. But, there is a network of animal welfare professionals and volunteers out there who know you want to give your pet the life they deserve, and they want to help you give that to your pet.

This handy flyer from, visit their website for more helpful info!

Please remember, Chihuahuas are the second most euthanized breed in animal shelters. If you want to add a little Chihuahua please adopt one from your shelter or local rescue!

Photo above is of Dr. Shayda and Boogie after his neuter surgery

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