The Snort of the Century

Being little has it's disadvantages…like when you make weird sounds or do anything that makes Mama think you need medical attention. Today was one of those days. According to Mama I had been making "weird snorting noises" and "sounded like I was having trouble breathing" for a few days and she was keeping a close eye on me  (i.e. taking videos of my every snort and getting really close to my face). This morning I had the snort attack of the century and before I knew it Mama whisked me away to VCA Animal Hospital. Mama also brought my sister Pina along, Pina did not appreciate this surprise adventure.

At VCA I met Dr. Reed who gave me an exam and patiently watched Mama's many videos. Turns out my snort attacks are just reverse sneezes, but since I'm a cerebellar hypoplasia guy everything I do is exaggerated so they just look a little worse than they are but Dr. Reed said it's best to be on the safe side when it comes to my tiny shenanigans and my body's business. Dr. Reed did say that I need to get some baby teeth pulled soon, and that the extra teeth might be causing some inflammation. Mama, put that on my calendar, please!

Being little also has it's advantages…like stopping to get a Starbucks puppaccino afterwards! Pina wasn't happy that Mama interrupted her day just for a nail trim but I think our surprise sweet stop made up for it.  We were even nice enough to save some puppaccino to share with Bruno and Sesame. I'll be completely honest here, I did not want to share, but Mama said it was the right thing to do. Click here to see proof of our generosity!

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