Remember Me Thursday 2019 - I'm an Animal Luminary!

This year, I am super proud to have earned the title of Animal Luminary for Remember Me Thursday - a worldwide campaign created by Helen Woodward Animal Center

This year, on September 26, 2019 YOU can join me thousands of others in this online campaign to spread awareness about homeless pets and help save lives.  Here are some links to get you started:

Download Campaign Posts for Social Media:

Post a photo of your rescued pet & use the hashtag: #RememberMeThursday 


If you have been following me for a while or have spent any time on my blog or online accounts, you know I am a HUGE supporter and advocate of pet adoption, and that if it wasn't for adoption, my life could have been very short. So, in honor of this momentous day and campaign, I thought I would re-share my adoption story and the adoption stories of my adopted siblings. 

Boogie's Adoption Story

I was found in a box in a parking lot on a hot summer day. I was in pretty bad shape and only weighed 12 ounces. A good samaritan brought me to the shelter where I met my foster mom. We learned I had the "wobbles" because of a neurological issue called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. My wobbles make my foster family love me even more, so they adopted me and became my forever family!. You can read more of my story and see pictures of my first day at the shelter by clicking here. 

Bruno's Adoption Story

Bruno was my Mom's first dog as a grown up. She and my dad went to an adoption event where they met a lady from a small rescue who told them she had recently rescued a small Chihuahua off the street. Turns out he had a bad attitude, and his first adopter returned him:( She warned Mama and Dad that this dog would bite and was very scared. They did not care, they had a feeling that this little dog was special, and so they went to meet him. His name was Bruno DonJulio and he won them over right away. Biting and all. And they adopted him that day.

Pina's Adoption Story

About a year after adopting Bruno, Mama thought he would enjoy some company, and started fostering dogs for local rescues. One day, a picture popped up on her Facebook of this little black chihuahua on a pink blanket. Her name was Pina, and she had been turned into the shelter as a stray. This little lady looked a lot like Bruno, and Mama applied to foster her. When she came to our house, she filled it with so much joy that Mama and Dad adopted her too.

Sesame's Adoption Story

Mama met Sesame when she was working at the shelter one day. He was in a room full of puppies, and he was the biggest one. He looked at Mama and would not look away, so she picked him up. That's all it took for her to take him home. At first she said she would foster him, but that was just a ploy to get him into our house so he could win my dad over. Sesame won my dad over right away, and he joined our family the year before I did! 

As you can see from our adoption stories, Mama has a hard time saying good bye to fosters! But, she believes all four of us were meant to be here together. With four dogs, our house is always lively, there is always someone to snuggle with, and there is no shortage of unconditional love.

Here is another Remember Me Thursday link you might enjoy:
Boogie's attendance & fan meetup at HWAC #RMT event in San Diego 2017



  • I have five chiuahauas and all are rescues I love them all boogie so glad some nice person found you like u found mine and you are loved like mine are

    Lisa Browning
  • Thank God for your wonderful Mom and Dad and that they were the ones who adopted you. However if I’d been there, I would’ve fought to adopt you. But your Mom and Dad are much better than I could have ever been. I love you sweetie.

    Brenda Wilhoit

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