Boogie's Little Sale - Casual and Couture Dog Clothes

We've got some special items in this sale, both casual and couture. These items were worn by Boogie, Buster, Sesame, Miss Apple, and the late Miss Piña.  Some items are sold separately, some sold as a set.  Items in the sale include:

  • T-shirts & hoodie sold as a set - size xs (worn by Miss Piña)

  • Southwest Fleece jacket - size xs - custom made by Spoiled Dog Designs.  (worn by Boogie) 

  • Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk T-shirt - size xs (worn by Boogie & Buster) + Marvel Comics Silver Surfer T-Shirt - size xs (worn by Boogie & Buster) sold as set

  • Two pairs of PJs sold as a set - Size small (worn by Buster and Miss Apple) 

  • Fleece pullover set - Size is between a  XS and S (worn by Buster) 

  • Fitwarm brand distressed t-shirt set - size xs (worn by Buster) 

  • Dog sweaters from size xs-s sold as set (Buster, and Sesame) 

  • The tiniest little black dress - size xs (worn by Miss Piña) 

  • Doggy Parton Pink Cowgirl Dress & Logo Dolly T-shirt  sold as a set - size xs (worn by Miss Apple) 

  • Three beautiful dresses custom made for Miss Piña by Spoiled Dog Designs. Dresses are sold separately. 

  • Fitwarm brand mesh summer tank tops sold as a set -size xs (worn by Buster)
  • Fitwarm plaid dress with bow - size xs (worn by Miss Piña) 

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